Today 20,000 fake ids have been impounding by custom at Chicago airport, have to reveal the insider trading

The villains can always outsmart. Why so many years the number of fakies been impounding just kept growing.

According to reports of the first half of 2020, over 20,000 fake ids have been impounding by CBP, just at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Most of the shipments came from Hong Kong and mainland China, other shipments came from South Korea and UK.

CBP said, most fake driver licenses were for college-age students. Many fakies were with same photo and different information. But the quality isn’t good enough. Even though they can receive these ids, nowhere allow them to use them or pass any places where show an id. Because all bars in the USA have a professional security person. They know how to spot fakies. 

And CBP found the market price of a fake id was very low through analyze several fake-websites. Some fake-websites are scams, the another rest of id makers are for enough profit, have to pack a large amounts of ids into one package. The target was too big, the easier to be revealed.

Buyjiazhao, has never been impounding in the last decade. Besides the top quality, we places more emphasis on protecting the customers’ privacy. We have special department to export ids, the package hidden and 5 ids max each package. All steps ensure our customers can 100% get the package on time. Even unfortunately, we also will have volunteered to mediate with the customs and reship the new package, until the customers get them.

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