What Equipment is Needed to Make an ID?

There are so many fake and novelty ID makers online these days. People just go to their website, pick out a design, and get their IDs printed and shipped in no time.

But do you know the kind of equipment needed to make these IDs? Well, we will break this down for you.

First, you will need a camera and a computer. The camera is used to take the photo. After all, there is no ID without a photo. But if you already have a few photos, you can use those instead.

A computer, on the other hand, will be used to design the ID before it’s printed. Secondly, you will need a printer. ID cards are printed on PVC so they will need specialized printers.

You will also need a laminating machine. IDs have to be laminated to protect them from wear and tear. A laminating machine will come handy in this. In some cases, you may need more advanced tools.How to get a fake id

A laser, in particular, will be required if you intend to engrave important security imprints on the ID. A hole maker or puncher could also be needed but it’s not that necessary. Finally, you will need some PVC for the job.