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Got Myself A Fake ID… Now What?

Back in my teenage days, getting a fake ID was quite difficult. These days, you can buy a fake driving license without leaving your house. It is still something that a lot of teenagers do but, like back then, the quality of these IDs can vary a lot. If you manage to find a supplier that can craft high-quality IDs, stick with them. Do not let your friends waste money on other suppliers if you found the holy grail.


Now that you got your first fake ID, the inevitable will happen and that is panic. A bit of panic will settle in and you might not know how to react. Probably you got it to get alcohol or at least that was my reason for getting one. Do not make the same mistake I did and completely freeze when reaching the counter with a six-pack of beer and maybe a bottle of vodka. I wanted to buy some alcohol for a small party at my house with a couple of friends and I completely froze when asked to show my ID. This is probably the biggest giveaway and more so than your shiny new fake ID. The way you behave, act and talk are important.How to get a fake id


When you reach that moment of panic in front of the cashier and she asks to see an ID, the only thing you need to do is stay calm. Just take out your ID and do not say much. A simple “sure” would be enough. Try not to argue or say anything unnecessary. Also, something that I did and is probably a bad idea is to buy a lot of alcohol from a single place. This will tell the cashier that you are having a small party and because you look young, it will raise suspicion. What you can do is to buy small quantities of alcohol from multiple stores. With how many liquor stores have opened over the past years, all you have to do is go across the street to get more of what you need.

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As far as clubs, pubs and other places, I tried to stay away from them. The main reason is that people become dumb when they drink too much. If you buy a fake driving license and manage to get into a club, you will surely have a few drinks and at that age, you get drunk quickly. Just try to enjoy your new-found freedom and be careful with what you drink when going out. You can still get into trouble even if you manage to get in and buy drinks. Imagine what would happen if you drink too much and your parents will have to come to get you from a pub, thus seeing you in such a state. They will take your ID and you will probably get some form of parental punishment.


If there is one thing you should know even before getting a fake ID is that it comes with new rights and responsibilities. Don`t do anything a responsible adult would not do. Have some fun, maintain your cool and everything will go as planned.