Can I get trouble if I use a fake id as a under 21 student ?

No need to panic yet, of course not if committed no crime. there are no more spaces leaving to teens in prisons.

Why so many people need to buy fakies in the USA ? 20 percent is to illegal things, such as stowaway and borrower fraud. The rest 80 percent is for teens who under 21. They want to buy cigarettes and alcohol, or enter some nightbars ,clubs or casinos, or even luxury hotels. Wherever oppressions existed, there would be resistance. Most of them buy fake ids by themselves, a little teens get fakies through their parents. So , it isn’t  serious thing to buy fake driver licenses in the USA .

According to our extensive marketing research, more than 90% of places don’t tell polices when they found their customers are using fakies. They wound decline and inform them -dont use fakies next time and confiscate their ids. So you can enjoy your party with a great id. Remember ids with really perfect quality.

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