How Are ID Cards Made?

IDs are probably the most popular documents we have today. Everyone has it, except of course those of you who are yet to achieve the legal age. But, have you ever stopped and wondered how these IDs are made?

Well, it’s not that hard.

In this post, we will give you an introductory guide on the process. Stick around till the end and you will learn something.fake id australia

Designing the ID
The first step is designing the ID. Every ID is supposed to look a certain way. Designing it first before printing ensures that all elements are included in the final product. The design phase accomplishes several things.

First, the structure of the ID is established. This includes where the photo will be placed, where your name will appear, and other important information. The color layout is also established during this phase.

The combination of colors and the type of font to be used in making the copy should be carefully selected. The size of the ID is also decided at this particular stage.

Number of Copies
It is also important to decide the number of copies to be printed. If you are printing a novelty ID just for yourself, you’d probably need just one copy. Some people may need two just in case they lose one.

However, for large government agencies that need to print these IDs on massive scales, deciding the copies needed beforehand will help choose the right printers for the job.

Test Printing
Test printing normally applies when large volumes of IDs are to be printed. The last thing you want is to print thousands of IDs only for some design flaws to be identified in the final product. In that case, a few IDs will be printed first and then assessed.

If there are some flaws, the design template will be adjusted accordingly to the satisfaction of the creator. Once this is achieved, then mass printing will begin. Test printing is not needed when printing one or two copies.

Even if the final product looks nothing like you expected, you can still go back to the design phase, make little changes, and print again. It won’t cost you a lot of time or money.

Other Important Considerations
IDs are not just supposed to hold your name and photo. To enhance authenticity, a few security features are included in the development process. Watermarks and laser imprinted engravings that make the ID unique are very common.

In some cases, you may be given the option to customize your design based on preselected templates. This is especially common with ID creating sites that help people develop novelty cards for fun. Before you order an ID online, make sure you’ve explored these templates and customized the ID to the best of your abilities.

Creating an ID is not a very technical process. It’s all about printing and laminating the final copy. The simple guide above gives you the perfect introduction to how IDs are made.