Identifying The Real IDGOD In The US

It’s true that buying a perfect fake ID is a time consuming affair for most people, and sometimes even if you spend a lot of time you still run into scams, especially when buying a fake US ID via the internet. Because the perfect fake ID requires people with unique skills to create it, advanced technology and machines are also at the heart of generating quality IDs. Even though many people try to get into the fake ID business, their ideas are always to no avail. Only a few people with advanced skills can stabilize their reputation through quality work. If you want to know what a quality fake ID is, you can check it out by clicking here.

There are many things that a fake ID can do for you, one of them being open up the world for you. Movement between states in the US sometimes becomes hectic especially in places where IDs are highly required. Thus, it is no surprise that there are many websites offering fake IDs. However, the lingering question is who is the real IDGod in the United States of America?

Well, to begin with, many people have the perception that IDGOD is the authentic supplier of fake IDs. Thus, many people will generally trust any site that claims to be IDGod. Have you ever thought of why there are so many websites with the same tag offering fake IDs? If you have not, you need to. If you do not, you may end up getting the wrong dealer for your fake ID needs.

This is because IDgod is not the name of the company or website that offers you fake Ids. IDgod, in stead, is a pronoun for almost every fake ID website. That is why there are various websites with the same tag, IDgod. They include,,, and

We all agree now that there is a real need to identify the real IDgod in the US. I would not name any site as the real IDgod. Rather, the services and content a website has should be the weight in deeming it a real IDgod or not. In short, a fake ID site is a real IDgod if it offers quality service.

A real IDgod must provide you with quality fake IDs. By quality, I mean that the material used to make the ID should be the same as the one for original IDs. The only difference should be the sourcing of the material. Furthermore, a real IDgod should offer IDs that can be scanned. This means that the ID can hardly be recognized as fake. Moreover, the font size of the ID and characters size should be just the same as the one for original IDs. In such a way it will be hard identifying the fake I’d and hence giving an easy time to the users while working with authorities regarding identification procedures.

In addition, a real IDgod must offer its services entirely online. Ordering must be done online and there should be templates available for choosing from. Customization must be available too online. Face to face encounter should be avoided in order to keep applicants feeling safe. That is what the real IDgod is.

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