Why is it so easy to fake identity documents in American TV series?

The United States is different. From my two-year experience in the United States, the ID of Americans generally refers to photo ID, with photo proof documents, and it has to be approved by the government. The most commonly used one that meets the above conditions is the driver’s license. Almost everyone in the United States drives, and everyone has a driver’s license. The driver’s license is issued by state, and each state independently designs and labels the name of the state, However, the basic framework and the basic information contained are the same. The driver’s license has a unique license number in this state, as well as a magnetic stripe and a two-dimensional code that can be used for rapid verification. Yes, the U.S. driver’s license is not an IC card like the Chinese ID card… And except for some organizations with special equipment, such as airports, Most of the agencies that have the ability to verify are still at the level of knocking the driver’s license number. In fact, the places where fake ID is most commonly used are places like bars. In the United States, the age limit for drinking is very strict (in fact, it depends on the state. I go to many states to play, some states don’t check at all, some people just check one, and some everyone has to check it). They don’t have the ability to check the authenticity of their driver’s license. They just calculate their age by looking at your date of birth. In departments with the ability to check, Americans are not stupid enough to use a fake driver’s license. As like as two peas, you can’t drive a car, you don’t want to study or drive a license, you can apply for Identify document without license. It is almost the same as driver’s license and the method of using is identical. There are too many types of driver’s licenses in the United States, which are too complex. It is estimated that there are hundreds of different types of driver’s licenses, but the functions of ID are the same.) in the past, the driver’s licenses of various states were recognized by each other, and the Federal government was also recognized. It’s no problem to go through the security check by plane. However, in the last two years, the federal government issued a standard, and the driver’s license that does not meet the standard is not recognized by federal agencies, At that time, poor California did not meet the standards, so the airport would specifically remind that California passport could not be used for security inspection. So we talked about the second common ID, passport. You’re right. The passport holding rate of Americans is very high. Because there is no unified ID card at the federal level, the passport can also be used as a valid identification document in China. Moreover, the specification is higher than the driver’s license, and the passport number can be used as a valid identification number in almost any organization. The threshold for forgery is very high, because it is a federal level ID, and the anti-counterfeiting standard is not the same as the driver’s license, but in fact, the inspection is the same thing, and the difficulty of forgery leads to more random inspection. There are too few people who dare to forge this thing, even fewer who dare to make it and deliberately hit the muzzle of a gun. In addition, it should be noted that a driver’s license is not a U.S. nationality. Foreigners living legally can apply for it. However, a U.S. passport is obviously not acceptable. Passports from other countries are also acceptable in the United States and can be used as legal ID. this inspection is even more difficult. Finally, let’s talk about SSN, social security number. This is also a federal level identification number. Everyone is unique, but you need to apply to get it. It is closely related to your job, economic activities and so on. It is not limited to American nationals. Anyone who can work legally in the United States can apply. This number will not change for a lifetime, which is very similar to the ID number. So it is also regarded as the highest standard of privacy in the United States, and it will not be provided in any way. It is only used in limited scenarios such as bank account opening, tax declaration, asset relationship change, wage payment registration of work unit, etc. After you apply for this number, you will receive a letter and a piece of paper with your name, address and social security number on it. If you don’t have a photo, you will be required to take the original with you if you don’t have to. So you say, how can I use this for ID card? Forgery is very, very difficult, unless you have government resources or the legendary hacker ability in the movie, because when you need to provide SSN, you must tap into the computer. Ordinary people don’t care if they ask you, and usually ask you to provide other photo IDs for use together. In addition, there are also some federal agencies or state agencies whose photo ID can be used for identification in some fields. The overall social trust of the United States is high. Except for the occasions where police law enforcement, banking, airport security inspection are sure to be strictly checked, they are not very likely to carefully correct the authenticity of ID, My former lab partner even used the ID of the school’s photo and name to get the envelope with a check in the U.S. Post Office (semi government organization, not private enterprise), and no one said anything… Another point I want to make clear is that Americans have a different understanding of the law. They generally have a high degree of trust, but the price of breaking trust is also high. Where there is no inspection ability, there is no obligation to check the authenticity of the certificate, and you have the obligation to provide the real certificate. That is to say, if the competent organization, such as the police, later finds out that the certificate is false, the former inspector has no responsibility, and you have to pay for the provision of the false certificate… So for the person who has no inspection ability, of course, it is enough for him to see that you have it, You have to guarantee the authenticity, but if you don’t have it or you don’t match your age, it’s his responsibility, because he didn’t check it or didn’t check it carefully… Oh, by the way, most states in the United States still have a wonderful law. It’s illegal to hold two or more driving licenses (including all categories) at the same time, even if both are true, even if one has expired